Miscellaneous Fees

Meter Charge

Meter Test Charge

A meter test will be made upon the request of a consumer to test the accuracy requiring the below deposits, and said deposits are to be applied against the cost of the test.

If the meter, upon testing, is found to have more than the industry-established standard permissible error of 2% fast, the Meter Test Charge shall be refunded to the consumer.

  • Single-phase meter — $50
  • Multi-phase meter — $75

Meter Tampering & Energy Theft

  • $150 plus damages
Returned Check & Late Payment Charge

Returned Check Charge

The cooperative shall charge for each check that is dishonored and returned to the cooperative. The amount of the charge shall be based on the amount of the returned check:

  • Check for less than $50 — $25
  • Check for $50 to $299.99 — $30
  • Check for $300 or more — $40

Late Payment Charge

A penalty of $5 or 5% (whichever is greater) is assessed for accounts with a past due balance.

Administration Fee

Standard Administration Fee

As described below, an administration fee shall be assessed for each new connection (on the next business day or thereafter), reconnection, transfer, disconnection for non-payment, outdoor lighting request (excluding routine outdoor lighting maintenance), or any additional trips. A trip can be a physical trip, electronic read, or electronic connect/disconnect/reconnect.

  • 7 am to 5 pm — $35
  • 5 pm to 9 pm and weekends or holidays — $135

Same-Day Administration Fee

As described below, the same-day administration fee and shall apply to all new account services requiring connection on the same day.

  • Same-day trip charge for new account service — $135
Membership Fee

Each applicant for new electric service pays a $5 membership fee when the first service connection is requested. The $5 membership fee is refundable upon termination of service. Membership may be in an individual name or joint with a spouse, joint property owner, or co-resident.