Security Deposits

Security deposits are required on all meters. Your security deposit is based upon the type of service requested.

The security deposit is not considered advance payment of your electric bill, and will be applied to unpaid bills only after service is disconnected.

Interest on your deposit is paid in the form of a credit to your bill twice a year. The rate shall be competitive with current market rates in effect at that time. The rate is established by the board of trustees.

Existing members may be eligible for a deposit waiver.


  • For each meter connected
    • $250.00 if you own the property. Proof of ownership is required.
    • $500.00 if you rent the property
  • For prepaid accounts, $25.00
  • Deposit Refund — When your account has had no negative credit history events for 12 consecutive months, your deposit will be automatically credited to the applicable account in the 13th month. Late payments, payment arrangements and payment assistance are examples of a negative credit history event.


For each meter connected, a security deposit of $300.00 or 2.5 times the average or projected one month bill at the billing location, whichever is greater, is required.