New Residential Service

Welcome to Suwannee Valley Electric Cooperative (SVEC), a consumer-owned organization that provides safe, reliable and affordable service to enhance the quality of life in the Suwannee Valley. We would be happy to establish new residential service for you, and are eager to make the process as simple as possible.

Apply for Membership and Service

Before SVEC can provide electric service to your property, you must complete and submit an Application for Service. If you are not already and SVEC member, you must also submit a completed Application for Membership.  A $5 membership fee is charged to become a member of SVEC.  You may also apply for service and membership online.

Once your application is received by SVEC, you will be contacted by one of our member service representatives. Please allow up to two business days for SVEC to process your application.

Residential Application for Service (Spanish) (PDF)

Residential Application for Membership (Spanish) (PDF)

Billing Choices

SVEC offers two billing methods to suit our new members’ needs:


MyChoice is a pay-as-you-go plan that lets you purchase electricity in the amounts and at the times you want. Prepaid funds are deducted from your account daily based on electric usage, and no traditional monthly bills are sent. Additionally, MyChoice members pay a much lower deposit and never pay any late charges or disconnect/reconnect fees. An initial deposit of $25.00 is required. Learn more about MyChoice.

Standard Billing

Members who choose this method receive a bill once a month for the previous 30 days of service.

Deposit for property owners: $250.00
Deposit for renters: $500.00

Please note if you already have an existing account for a similar type of service, your deposit could be waived. Learn more about standard billing.

Operation Round Up

All new accounts are automatically enrolled in SVEC’s Operation Round Up program. For more information or to opt out of the program, click here.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is available upon request for an additional monthly charge. Please contact our member service department if interested.

A $35.00 service fee will be charged for outdoor lighting requested after initial electric service is established.

Medical Necessity

If you have a medical need dependent on electricity, we ask that you mail or hand deliver a completed Medical Necessity Form to our Member Services Department.

We also recommend that you register with your county emergency management agency. You can do so by using the online Florida Special Needs Registry:

Building a New Home or Setting Up a Mobile Home?

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