Payment Options

Pay Your Bill 24/7

Suwannee Valley Electric Cooperative (SVEC) offers several convenient ways to pay your bill anytime, where your payments post within minutes.

Please note that credit card (MasterCard, Visa, and Discover) and debit card (MasterCard and Visa) payments are only accepted on residential accounts, and the minimum transaction amount is $5.


Pay your bill quickly and easily using our SmartHub account management tool.

With SmartHub and the SmartHub mobile app, you can access your electric information and pay your bill anytime, anywhere.

Accepted payment options are credit card, debit card, and check.


Use our convenient automated system to pay your bill by calling (877) 562-5504 toll-free.

The first time you call you will need your billing account information.

Accepted payment options are checks, credit cards, and debit cards.

Drive-thru Kiosk

Use our convenient drive-thru kiosk.

You will need your billing account number or you can scan your bill.

Accepted payment options are credit card, debit card, cash, and check.

Watch our video on how to use our drive-thru kiosk.

Recurring Payments

For a hassle-free, no-fee method of payment, sign up for recurring credit card payments or bank draft.

Automatic Payments

You authorize SVEC to withdraw funds from the account of your choosing to pay your monthly electric bill.

Beginning with the next bill after you have enrolled, your balance due will be automatically debited each month on the Wednesday before the due date (you will need to use another method to pay an amount already due when you enroll).

You can sign up through your online account. Accepted payment options are credit card and debit card.

Traditional Methods

If you prefer to pay your bill in a more traditional way, we’ve got you covered.

Direct Mail

Payments can be made by mail using the envelopes provided with your bill. Please be sure to allow mailing time.

Our Office

We are available to accept your payment at our office from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. We accept cash, check, money orders, and credit/debit cards.

Get directions to our office.