Solar Energy

To help avoid potential errors or delays in the solar installation/interconnection process, we encourage members who are considering installing a solar photovoltaic system for their own use to read our advice and contact one of our member service representatives before beginning a project.

Net Metering

Net Metering involves the difference between the amount of electricity supplied to the member by SVEC, and the amount of electricity generated by the member that is delivered to SVEC. In billing periods where the member’s solar system generates more power than the member uses, the cooperative credits (banks) the excess power for the member. The credits are carried forward to the next month’s billing.

At the end of the calendar year, any credit (banked power) can be paid out in accordance with the Renewable Generator Rider Tariff or, if the member desires, the first billing of the new year will be credited in accordance with the tariff.

Interconnection Agreement for Customer-Owned Renewable Generation Systems (PDF)