My Florida Home Energy

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has an developed an interactive website that will walk homeowners through steps to conserve energy in their homes.

The My Florida Home Energy tool was built to provide Florida homeowners with a user-friendly application to analyze their current energy use and identify energy-efficient products and services that will potentially reduce their energy use, along with their utility bills.

“This tool will help Floridians across the state by evaluating their energy use and giving them a variety of options to save energy in their homes,” said Commissioner Adam H. Putnam. “The site is easy to navigate and will help many Florida consumers put those energy savings right back into their pockets.”

The interactive application takes information provided by the homeowner as well as publicly accessible data to determine potential energy-efficient products, improvements or modifications that may be beneficial to consumers in their specific regions. The results are then ranked by cost and anticipated energy savings. The tool was developed through a contract with the University of Florida as required by legislation passed in 2012.