The Only Way

The safety of our employees, our consumer-members and the public is our first priority.

Electrical power is not just a convenience, but a necessity of modern life. Used safely, electricity improves the quality of life for all Americans, but electric lines or electric fixtures are nothing to play around with. At Suwannee Valley Electric Cooperative, nothing is more important to us than your safety and well-being.

We are committed to achieving and maintaining the highest safety standards possible. Our employees devote constant personal attention and commitment to the safety of the public and the safety of their fellow workers. Our employees attend a special meeting each month to assure that we are all following safety rules and regulations to the best of our ability in every department of our cooperative.

As an organization we have a program that provides safety presentations to members and the general public. If you’d like to make arrangements for our electrical safety demonstration, please contact us. We offer this program throughout the year to schools, clubs, emergency responders and any other interested groups. Our presentation teaches safety habits assisting all ages in learning the importance of respecting electricity and using it wisely.