Before, During, & After the Storm

June 2021

Before the Storm

  • Prepare your emergency water supply.
  • Turn your refrigerator and freezer to their coldest settings.
  • Use storm shutters or board-up windows to protect your home from high winds and debris.
  • Secure or store loose yard items like patio furniture or garbage cans.
  • Consider purchasing flood insurance, as regular home insurance may not cover flood hazards.
  • Keep important documents like insurance information updated in case they are needed for emergency response.
  • Make sure SVEC has your current contact information.
  • If you have special medical needs, register with your county’s emergency management office.
  • Make sure vehicles have full tanks of gas and are operating properly in case an evacuation is needed.

During the Storm

  • Take refuge in a designated storm shelter or an interior room. Always stay indoors.
  • Use flashlights, not candles, during any power outage.
  • Stay away from floodwaters, as they may contain sewage or dangerous animals such as poisonous snakes.
  • Only use generators if they are outside and away from windows.

After the Storm

  • Use protective gear like gloves during any cleanup.
  • Avoid any power lines, as they may still carry electricity.
  • Never attempt to remove any tree limbs or branches from power lines.
  • Report any electrical outages in your area to SVEC.
  • Give emergency and utility vehicles the right of way to allow for faster recovery.
  • If evacuated, monitor reports determining when it is safe to return home.
  • Document any property damage with photos. Contact your insurance company about any damage sustained.
  • Contact friends and family to let them know you are safe.