CEO’s Message – What Supports You?

December 2021

By Michael S. McWaters, Executive V.P./CEO

As we reach the end of another year, many of us are taking stock. What have we accomplished, and what do we want to do in the year ahead? What are our personal goals, and what benchmarks do we want to reach in our professional lives?

While we often put an emphasis on self-improvement, the truth is that none of us can get very far on our own. Whether it’s family, friends, a mentor, or a supportive spouse, we all rely on those around us to help us reach the goals we set.

As the CEO of a cooperative, I’m reminded of this all the time. After all, Suwannee Valley Electric Cooperative (SVEC) would never have gotten off the ground if not for the hard work and support of its founding members.

Today, we continue to rely on each and every one of you. It’s the buy-in of our consumer-members that keeps SVEC running, your voice that guides our decisions, and your generosity that allows us to give so much back to our community.

Just as SVEC relies on its consumer-members, our electric system itself can’t stand on its own. We spend a lot of time sharing stories of how hard our crews work to improve our lines and about the latest equipment upgrades that allow us to restore power to our consumer-members faster than ever before. And for good reason. Our primary goal has always been to provide you with reliable electricity at an affordable price.

But none of that would be possible without the supporting operation of our data and communications networks. In this month’s newsletter, you can learn more about how important these networks are for providing the quality electric service you deserve, as well as what we do to make sure they are always available.

You can also find more information about how to plant something fresh of your own as the new year approaches. SVEC will be giving out trees again in celebration of Arbor Day. Remember, trees don’t just add to the look of your home, they can also reduce your electric bill by providing shade in the summer.

As this year comes to a close, I hope all of you will not only look ahead to the exciting potential of a new start, but also take time to reflect on all the people who have helped us get here. I know that all of us at SVEC will continue to be grateful for the support we get from this wonderful community. I hope all of our consumer-members have a merry Christmas and happy New Year.