Keep On Truckin’

July 2023

Trucks put lineworkers on road to success.

In the early days of Suwannee Valley Electric Cooperative, line- workers did not have a lot of equipment available to them. If they needed to repair a line, that meant scaling a power pole to get to the problem. If new power poles needed to be installed, teams would dig the holes and raise the poles by hand.

While today’s lineworkers are still capable of doing a job the old-fashioned way when necessary, they also have powerful new tools to help them get it done more safely and efficiently. First and foremost is SVEC’s fleet of aerial service trucks and digger derricks.

You’ve probably seen these trucks on the side of the road while crews are making repairs in the wake of a storm or doing routine maintenance on the system. But have you ever wondered how each piece of equipment on these vehicles helps our lineworkers get the job done?

You can find photos of our service trucks and digger derricks with labels for some of the most important pieces of equipment they carry. Take a look to get an understanding of what’s on our trucks.