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June 2023

How to Report an Outage

You may be asked for your meter number. Here’s where you can find it on your meter.

Reporting an Outage Has Never Been Easier

We work diligently to fortify our system against storm damage, but outages are inevitable. If you lose power, there are several convenient ways to report the outage and get the lights back on as soon as possible.

Our outage management system uses caller ID to quickly identify your service location based on your phone number. This makes reporting easier for you and helps us respond as fast as possible. Make sure we have your current phone number on file before you report an outage or consider sign- ing up to receive outage-related text messages.

To Report an Outage


smarthub logoSelect “Report an Issue / Inquiry” at the top of the home screen.


internet iconVisit our homepage, log in to your account and click on ““Report an Issue / Inquiry” at the far left of the home screen.


mobile device/text message iconText “out” to (800) 752-0025. To enable this option, you must first authorize it by texting “SVEC” to (800) 752-0025. The text option is only available to members with fewer than 5 accounts.


phone iconDial (800) 752-0025 to report an outage.