Let Us Know!

June 2022

Outages are bound to happen, but there are several convenient ways to report them if you ever find yourself in the dark. Our outage management system uses caller ID to quickly identify your service location by your phone number. This makes reporting easier for you and allows us to reduce response times. Make sure we have your current phone number on file before you call in an outage or sign up for outage texting.


Use the SmartHub mobile app. Find the app in the Apple App Store and at Google Play.


Go to our website, log in to your account, and click on the “My Profile” tab.


Text “out” to (800) 752-0025. To enable this option, you must first authorize it by texting “svec” to (800) 752-0025. The text option is only available to members with fewer than 5 accounts.

Call Us

Call us at (800) 752-0025 to report the outage.