National Cooperative Month

October 2022

Cooperatives across the country are celebrating National Cooperative Month in October. This year’s theme is “Co-ops Build Economic Power,” and that’s certainly true here at SVEC.

We are proud to play our part in keeping local businesses running and continuing to create new economic opportunities with the launch of Rapid Fiber Internet. This new service will bring high-speed internet access to homes and businesses in the SVEC service area when construction begins next year.

SVEC is proud to be one of 900 electric cooperatives in the country that serve about 42 million people. Every single one is guided by the same cooperative principles that remind us of our responsibilities.

Big Business

Cooperatives help build an economy that works for everyone. Even during periods of inflation and supply chain challenges, the cooperative model provides stability and opportunity. In 2020 alone, the top cooperatives in the country brought in more than $226 billion in revenue.

Top 100 co-ops in American by industry - 2020 Revenue (Billions): Agriculture: 123.3; Grocery: 29.3; Finance: 25.8; Energy: 20.4; Hardware: 14; Other: 13.3

Did You Know?

There are cooperatives across the U.S. that provide a range of services, not just electricity. For example, grocery co-ops allow customers to share in the profits and decision making for their local stores, where even non-members can shop. Financial co-ops, like credit unions, provide traditional banking services while being owned and democratically run by members.

In fact, many people might not realize that some of their favorite brands are cooperatives.