CEO’s Message – June 2018

A new way to serve

CEO Michael S. McWaters
Michael S. McWaters
Executive V.P./CEO

At Suwannee Valley Electric Cooperative, service is in our DNA. Our employees wake up each morning ready to help neighbors, whether they’re answering questions about a member’s bill or climbing a pole to restore power.

But the commitment goes further. As a cooperative, SVEC is dedicated not only to providing quality electric service but also to making our community a better place to live.

Starting next year, we’re introducing a program called Operation Round Up®. Members will have the opportunity to have their monthly bill rounded up to the nearest dollar, contributing those few cents to local schools. The pennies will add up.

While this program is new for SVEC, similar efforts have been popular for years at other cooperatives. In fact, many cooperatives in Florida, and nearly 350 cooperatives throughout the country, already participate in Operation Round Up® or a similar program.

So why are we telling you about this now? We believe Operation Round Up® provides an easy way for our members to help schools in our community, but we don’t want anyone to feel like they are required to participate.

SVEC will begin rounding up members’ bills in January 2019. Any member who doesn’t wish to participate in the program can call our office before the end of the year to let us know they would like to opt out.

I hope you’re all as excited as I am about this opportunity to help our schools. It only takes a small contribution from each of us, but together our small change can make a big difference. That’s the power of cooperation.