CEO’s Message – February 2019

Showing members we care

CEO Michael S. McWaters
Michael S. McWaters
Executive V.P./CEO

There are lots of ways people can show others in their life that they care. They could choose small gestures that constantly remind people they’re thinking of them. Others might provide a reliable sounding board for a loved one’s problems or step up in moments of crisis.

At this time of year, we tend to show people we care by giving cards, flowers and chocolates. While Suwannee Valley Electric Cooperative may not have a valentine for each of our members, we think the best way to show we care is by continuing to bring you safe, affordable and reliable electric service every day.

There are others in our community who work hard to not only care for the people around them but also look out for our natural environment and the animals that inhabit it. This month, we’re spotlighting an organization that does just that, while also spreading an important message of preservation.

Mystic Jungle has been part of our community since arriving in Live Oak nearly a decade ago. It gives visitors the chance to see the kinds of exotic creatures most only know from TV. But as important as it is to have an opportunity to learn about big cats and other animals up close, the work Mystic Jungle does to protect them is just as crucial.

I hope you’ll take the time to read more about that work and the importance of preservation in our February newsletter (PDF). This month, we’re also kicking off our “Meet Your Trustee” series with a quick conversation with District 1 Trustee Mike Adams.

He has represented the people of west Hamilton County for several years, and we’re happy to give members a chance to get to know him better. If you live in his district, I hope you’ll take an opportunity to get in touch with him about any questions or suggestions you may have regarding the cooperative.

For those of you who don’t live in District 1, we’ll have similar Q&As with the rest of our trustees in the months to come.

SVEC is also excited to be a sponsor of several upcoming events, but none will be more fun than our second annual Suwannee Valley Cornhole Tournament. This competition has become a local favorite, and we expect to see some top-notch tossing this year. All proceeds from the tournament go to United Way of Suwannee Valley. Find more information on the time, location and how to sign up in this newsletter.

We at SVEC enjoy being a part of community events throughout the year and look forward to sharing those experiences with you.