CEO’s Message — January 2020

New year, new plans

CEO Michael S. McWaters
Michael S. McWaters
Executive V.P./CEO

Bringing in a new year is always about beginnings and endings. On the one hand, we look ahead to a fresh start, and we think about what we want to do better than before. On the other, we look back on the successes of the year that just ended.

Those reflections are even more pronounced this year as we enter a new decade. Just think of how much has changed since 2010, and think of all the surprises that might lie ahead in the next 10 years. It’s an exciting thought.

Of course, it could also be a distressing one. As the CEO of your cooperative, I wish I knew every twist and turn in the road ahead of us. While that’s not possible, I can at least rest assured that everyone at Suwannee Valley Electric Cooperative has carefully planned and prepared for the future.

In this month’s newsletter, you can learn more about one of the most important components of how we bring new service to members: staking and mapping. This department serves as the connection between our members and our service crews when new services need to be installed. These workers also keep digital maps of our system up to date so that, when an outage does occur, we know exactly where the problem is.

The work they do may not always come to mind when you think about your electric service, but it is crucial to growing and maintaining our system. I hope you’ll take a moment to read more about it and thank them for the good work they do.

You may also notice a new page in this month’s newsletter that is all about travel. People come to Florida from across the country and even the world to enjoy the natural wonders and world-class entertainment available in our state. But too often I think we can forget all that Florida has to offer when we live so close to it.

So this year, we would like to remind you of all the adventures and beauty that can be found without ever crossing the state border. Find inspiration for your next weekend getaway, a nearby shop to explore or your new favorite local eatery.

If Christmas ended too soon, you can also find some photos of SVEC’s participation in last month’s Christmas parades, as well as the winning designs from our fifth grade Christmas card contest. We received so many great submissions this year, and we wish to thank everyone who entered.

We may not know everything the decade ahead holds, but I can say with confidence that all of us at SVEC will continue to work hard every day to bring our members the quality electric service you deserve. Happy New Year, and here’s to an exciting new decade!