Operation Round Up Begins in January

Operation Round Up logo

Suwannee Valley Electric Cooperative (SVEC) begins Operation Round Up in January, when the bills of participating members will be rounded up to the nearest whole dollar. Money raised through the program will fund grants to benefit students in local schools.

While an individual member’s donation amounts to pocket change each month, the program allows SVEC to collect an average of $6 (never more than $12) annually for each participating account. Together, those donations add up.

Once the donations have been collected, teachers from local schools will be able to submit applications for classroom projects or supplies.

While we hope all our residential members will want to take part in this program, participation in Operation Round Up is entirely voluntary. Initially, all SVEC members will be enrolled unless they choose to opt out. Members can opt out at any time by contacting SVEC’s Member Services Department at emailing SVEC or calling (800) 447-4509.

Even after the program begins, a member can still choose to end their participation at any time, and at their request, SVEC will refund the donations collected from them.

More information about Operation Round Up can be found on the Operation Round Up page.