Protect Yourself From Scams

Scams continue to be a growing threat, and the people running them keep finding clever new ways to trick victims into giving up their hard-earned money. Protect yourself by staying aware of the most common strategies.

Pay-Now-Or-Else Scheme

The scammer calls to tell you your power will be cut off that day, maybe even within the hour, if you don’t pay your bill immediately. Remember that SVEC will never threaten to cut off service instantly for members who have delinquent accounts. The cooperative will send out notices well in advance, never a single warning right before disconnection.

Personal Information Request

Someone impersonating SVEC calls asking for your Social Security number, password, or credit card and other personal information. The cooperative will never call members to ask for this type of information.

Pay Over The Phone

Someone calls and asks you to pay your bill over the phone with a prepaid debit card or your personal bank card. SVEC will never demand payment over the phone and will not ask members to pay with prepaid debit cards.

In-Person Visits

You receive a call or visit from someone offering a service on behalf of SVEC or asking for your personal information or payment. SVEC employees will never come to your home or call to promote a service from the cooperative. Also, remember that all SVEC employees have a cooperative photo ID card if you need to confirm someone really works for us.

False Numbers

Some scammers can even make an SVEC number appear on your caller ID. Just because a number looks local doesn’t mean the call is coming from a cooperative employee.

If you suspect you are on the phone with a scammer, or that one is at your door, hang up or close the door and call SVEC’s Member Service Department at 800-447-4509.