Hugh Hunter

District 7

Hugh Hunter represents District 7, comprised of the eastern part of Hamilton County and the northern part of Columbia County. He has served on the Suwannee Valley Electric Cooperative (SVEC) board of trustees since 1987.

Q: What do you like most about living in the Suwannee Valley?

I like the people and the rural part of the state that we’re in. I just enjoy the country living and having good neighbors.

Q: What line of work are you in?

I work with the USDA Farm Service Agency as the county executive director. We help farmers and ranchers process their applications for various USDA programs. I also manage my family’s farming operations which include cattle, timber, and row crops.

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love the outdoors, especially hunting and fishing. I also do a lot of grilling and smoking, mostly barbecued pork and chicken. My wife does some catering, so if the menu requires something to be cooked on the smoker, that’s where I come in.

Q: What made you want to serve on the SVEC board?

I wanted to represent the members in my district and make sure they had someone to contact if they had an issue, with their electric service. That’s just as important to me today.

Q: What do you enjoy most about serving on the board?

I like being there to take care of our members and making sure their interests are at heart when we make decisions. During storms, my phone never quits ringing because people know if they call me about an issue, I’ll look into it and get back to them. I’m here to serve the members because it’s their cooperative, not mine.

Q: What’s the most important impact SVEC has on its community?

The cooperative provides good jobs and pays a lot in local taxes. Both benefit the residents of the 4 counties we serve. We also provide reliable service to our members and are very involved in the community with scholarship programs and, now, Operation Round Up.