Employee Assistance Program

Summer 2022

Why not prep for the new school year and the end-of-the year holiday season with a focus on improving your personal finances and taking control of your budget?

Simply log in to TotalCare EAP, click on the Training Center tile, and use the search bar to find the 66-minute course on Personal Financial Health (SVL_1020539).

Is 66 minutes too much time to fit into your busy schedule? Not a problem! You can take the same course in a series of 9 micro-learning units of 6 to 8 minutes each.

  • Cutting Costs on Essentials – Course ID: SVL_1020581 – 8 Minutes
  • Managing Your Debt – Course ID: SVL_1020578 – 7 Minutes
  • Money Saving Hacks – Course ID: SVL_1020582 – 8 Minutes
  • Saving for the Future – Course ID: SVL_1020579 – 7 Minutes
  • Making a Debt Payment Plan – Course ID: SVL_1020545 – 8 Minutes
  • Setting Your Budget – Course ID: SVL_1020543 – 7 Minutes
  • Taking Care of Your Finances – Course ID: SVL_1020541 – 6 Minutes
  • Budgeting Tips – Course ID: SVL_1020544 – 7 Minutes
  • Establishing Goals You Can Keep – Course ID: SVL_1020542 – 8 Minutes

Your EAP offers more than 10,000 online trainings and video courses on a wide range of topics that are useful both on and off the job. Check them out! To access the Training Center:

  • • Go to TotalCare EAP and click Employee and Family login to sign in.
    • Click the ‘Training Center’ and choose ‘New & Improved Trainings.’
    • Use the Search bar at the top of the screen, type the course code or search for a topic.
    • Click the course icon and click the ‘Play’ or ‘Start’ button to begin.