From the CEO

Winter 2022

Looking back at 2021, we really couldn’t have asked for a better year. Once again, we navigated the pandemic as best we could and remained committed to our goals and values. We almost achieved another full year of zero doctor-treated injuries, and I know we’ve all worked very hard to continue working as safely as possible. Despite the challenges imposed on events and gatherings by the pandemic, we exceeded our community outreach goal with 362 hours volunteered by co-op employees. As for reliability, our SAIDI came in just 30 seconds shy of a new all-time low. Additionally, our members rated us very high on various aspects of their experience with us, and we met all our economic viability and cybersecurity goals.

In this edition of Watt’s Up, you’ll find our SMORE targets and Safety Improvement Plan for 2022, which I encourage you all to review. An executive summary of the co-op’s 401k plans gives a snapshot view of plan statistics, and you can read up on cybersecurity tips and EAP resources as well. In the family news area, we celebrate growing families, reminisce on winter vacations, and welcome our newest employee, David Branch.

The new year is often a symbol of hope and new horizons for many. As we head into the rest of 2022, I hope we all can move forward together with shared confidence and the promise of another wonderful year.

— Mike