SMORE Update

Summer 2021

Fire extinguisher trainingSafety

Thank You for Working Safe!

SVEC had no lost-time injuries in the second quarter.

Fire Extinguisher Training

Employees completed fire extinguisher training in late June. Employees learned about the different types of extinguishers and their proper use, and they put that knowledge to the test by using an ABC extinguisher to put out a controlled flame.

Free COVID-19 Vaccines Now Available

The Florida Department of Health in Suwannee County is still providing immunizations free of charge to anyone over the age of 12. Call 386-362-2708 to schedule an appointment. Please remember to notify De Smith once you have received the vaccine.

Safety 2021 Target YTD Actual Points Status
DART 0.98 0.00 1.33 Thumbs up
Liability Claims (SVEC at fault) 5 or less 1 0.17 Thumbs up
Vehicle Accidents 8 or less 4 0.17 Thumbs down
  • DART: represents accidents where someone was injured

Member Experience

Member Experience 2021 Target YTD Actual Points Status
Confidence/Convenience/Member Oriented 4.70 4.77 0.42 Thumbs up
Appreciation/Value 4.70 4.72 0.42 Thumbs up
Attitude (Positive & Friendly) 4.70 4.76 0.42 Thumbs up
Satisfaction with Services Offered 4.70 4.75 0.42 Thumbs up
  • Average ratings on member services survey: Scale of 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest)

Outreach to Community

Outreach to Community 2021 Target YTD Actual Points Status
Community Participation 324 32 0.16 Thumbs down
  • Community Participation: Volunteer hours spent in SVEC-sanctioned group activities

SVEC employees at Egg drop eventBranford Egg Drop

We had an EGG-CELLENT time at Branford Elementary’s Egg Drop, the first of what will be an annual event. Students put their handmade egg carriers to the test with a 50-foot drop from our bucket truck.

Sample of Thank a Lineman license plate‘Thank a Lineman’ License Plates

Through heat waves and storms, lineworkers work long hours to safely and quickly make repairs to keep the lights on for Floridians. The “Thank a Lineman” license plate shows your appreciation of their hard work and helps support the next generation. For each plate sold, $25 will go back to Lake-Sumter College to support scholarships for electrical distribution students. To preorder, visit

Youth Tour

SVEC sponsored three high school students for the 2021 Youth Tour. Hosted by the Florida Electric Cooperative Association, and held virtually this year, the two-day annual program introduces local students to the electric cooperative difference, history and mission.

SMORE Opportunities

Volunteers are needed for the following autumn events. Employees will earn 1 point per hour of participation. Contact Christy Tuckey to volunteer.


Reliability 2021 Target YTD Actual Points Status
SAIDI 190 21 0.67 Thumbs up
SAIFI 2.49 0.24 0.17 Thumbs up
CAIDI 79 91 TBD Thumbs down
Reliability Plan 500 130 TBD Thumbs up
  • SAIDI: Time (minutes) the average consumer was without power
  • SAIFI: Number of times the average consumer has experienced a power interruption of more than 5 minutes
  • CAIDI: Time (minutes) the average consumer who actually experienced an outage was without power
  • Reliability Plan Points: Measure of how well we’re meeting various goals of the Reliability Plan

Tropical Storm Elsa

  • Outages: 314
  • Consumers Affected: 12,792
  • SAIDI: 127,457
  • Consumers Out at Peak: 6,176 at 2:45 pm on July 7
  • Field Personnel Involved: 94 (34 SVEC, 60 contractors and mutual aid)
  • Preliminary Estimate for Cost of Restoration: $189,000
  • Calls: Systems took over 4,200 member calls on July 7
  • Outreach: Facebook posts reached 65,300 people and elicited 4,293 reactions, comments, or shares

Economic Viability

Economic Viability 2021 Target YTD Actual Points Status
FPM Points 400 400 0.84 Thumbs up
OT Hours 5.75% 3.10% 0.83 Thumbs up
  • FPM Points: measure of how well we’re meeting various goals of the Financial Management Plan
  • OT Hours: overtime hours as a percent of total hours worked


Admin 2021 Target YTD Actual Points Status
Phish Prone % 1.00% 0.81% 0.83 Thumbs up
Weak Password 0 0 0.84 Thumbs up
  • Phish Prone %: percent of company-generated (KnowBe4) phishing emails that have been clicked on
  • Weak Password: number of passwords that do not comply with SVEC’s password policy

KnowBe4 Scam Alert – Phony New Policies

During the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations are acting quickly to update HR policies and new security measures to protect their employees. Unfortunately, the bad guys work just as fast to use these changes to their advantage. They are sending emails that appear to be from your HR or IT department, hoping to fool you into trusting them. These phishing emails direct you to review a new policy by downloading a malicious attachment or clicking a link that takes you to a phony login page. Don’t be fooled!

Here’s how to keep your organization safe:

  • Whenever you need to log in to an account or online service, always navigate to the login page using your browser rather than clicking on links in an email.
  • Never click on a link or an attachment that you weren’t expecting. Even if it appears to be from someone in your own organization, the sender’s email address could be spoofed.
  • When in doubt, reach out to the sender by phone to confirm the legitimacy of the email before clicking.