Outta the Woods

August 2020

By Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Those planning to deer hunt this year are reminded about the deer harvest reporting requirements that began last year. All hunters, including those exempt from hunting license/permit requirements, must log and report their harvested deer.

Beginning this year, hunters have new user-friendly reporting options. The Fish|Hunt FL app many hunters and anglers already rely on to buy and store their licenses now includes an easy-to-use option for hunters to log and report harvested deer. Even if you’re in an area without cell service, you’ll still be able to log and report. Once you regain cell service, open the Fish|Hunt FL app and your harvest report will be automatically submitted, and you’ll receive your confirmation number.

Where it’s possible to connect to the internet, you can log and report and receive your confirmation number at the Go Outdoors Florida website by logging into or creating a customer account.

You also can log your deer harvest using a paper harvest log and report it within 24 hours online at the Go Outdoors Florida website, through the Fish|Hunt FL app, or by calling toll-free 888-HUNT-FLORIDA, (888) 486-8356. Those using the automated telephone reporting system can receive their confirmation number via email if they have a valid email address on file.

Don’t forget, you must log your harvested deer prior to moving it from the point of harvest, which is that point where the hunter located the harvested deer. Then you are required to report harvested deer either: within 24 hours of harvest; prior to final processing of the deer; before the deer or any parts of the deer are transferred to a meat processor or taxidermist; or prior to the deer leaving the state, whichever occurs first.

Please note that after a deer has been logged and prior to reporting it, you may field dress your deer and begin processing the meat while afield or at camp. However, if a commercial meat processor is used, the harvested deer must be reported before transferring the deer or parts of the deer to a commercial processor. Learn more about how to log and report by reviewing FAQs about harvest reporting requirements.

Also, we want to thank everyone who reported their harvest last year. This information provides another valuable source of deer harvest data that, along with the annual hunter phone survey conducted after the season, helps inform white-tailed deer management in Florida. Visit the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for more information about deer management in Florida.