Powering Up Again

June 2023

The Steps We Take

Powering Up Again

Once a storm passes, SVEC crews often work long hours to restore power. It begins with the repairs that get the lights on for the greatest number of people in the shortest time that is safely possible. Above is a breakdown of the steps we take to restore power safely and efficiently.

1. High Voltage Transmission Lines

These lines serve thousands of members and must be repaired so other parts of the system can operate.

2. Distribution Substations

Each substation serves hundreds, or even thousands, of members. Repairing this equipment can restore power to many households at once.

3. Main Distribution Feeders

Repairing damage to feeder lines can bring the lights back on for entire communities or housing developments.

4. Tap Lines

These smaller supply lines are next. They deliver power to transformers outside businesses, schools and homes.

5. Service Lines

Locations still without power may require repairs to the service line between a transformer and the residence or businesses.