Why Your Neighbor Might Have Power When You Don’t

We understand the frustration people feel after more than three days without power. As power is restored after storms like Irma, we are often asked “Why does my neighbor have power, and I don’t”?

Truth is, there’s not one specific answer that applies to every case. However, in general, your neighbors may have electric service when you don’t because their homes are on a different set of lines or circuit. Think of it as a giant version of your home. When a circuit breaker trips in your home, power may be on in your bedroom but not in the kitchen. That’s because your house has more than one circuit. One circuit may be off while others are on. Circuits in neighborhoods work in much the same way.

Our engineers, dispatchers and lineman are working hard to determine the cause of every outage and make the necessary repairs. If you are still without power, make sure you have reported your outage to us at (800) 752-0025 and rest assured we haven’t forgotten you.