Evacuating vs. Sheltering

June 2020

Information gathered from preliminary weather reports can help you determine whether you need to evacuate or shelter in place. Always obey any mandatory evacuation orders. If you live in a mobile home or a flood-prone area, consider relocating to safer shelters or areas.

Let loved ones know where you plan to go in an evacuation. Check hotel or shelter availability frequently along planned evacuation routes. These facilities can fill quickly ahead of hurricane landfall.

Those evacuating should have a plan to communicate with loved ones that they are safe and to be able to learn when it is safe to return home.

If you choose to stay home, continue to monitor weather reports and have ways of receiving emergency alerts in case a danger like a tornado or flash flood arises during the hurricane.

Of course, if you rely on life-supporting medical equipment, you should always be prepared to go to a location that has power until power is restored to your residence.