Operation Round Up Contributes $25k to Schools

Hamilton County School District
SVEC’s Operation Round Up foundation recently presented its first check to the Hamilton County School District.

SVEC’s Operation Round Up gives members the opportunity to make a difference in their community with just some pocket change each month. Four months in, the benefits of those contributions are already being felt in schools across Columbia, Hamilton, Lafayette and Suwannee counties.

So far, the Operation Round Up board has approved 65 grants going to teachers in nine schools for a total of $25,420. Those funds have been put toward much-needed school supplies, including text books, science lab equipment and math learning aids.

Teachers have been overjoyed at the generosity shown by cooperative members in supporting their efforts to prepare their students for the future. As Operation Round Up continues to grow, we look forward to funding many more worthy projects in the years to come.

ORU donations go to help teachers like Gwen Vann buy supplies for their classrooms.