SVEC in the Community

SVEC Awards $10,000 in Scholarships

SVEC was pleased to award a $1,000 scholarship to each of 10 exemplary high school seniors who are dependents of SVEC members. Scholarship recipients were selected by a committee of SVEC employees who reviewed every applicant’s academic record, list of extracurricular activities, written essay and letters of recommendation.

Congratulations to this year’s recipients: Baylor Burch and Daniel Hendrick, Suwannee High School; Maura Hill and Rene Root, Branford High School; Logan Hughes and Oriana Urzua-Tlapa, Hamilton County High School; Case Jackson and Gabrielle Perry, Lafayette High School; Zachary Flugrath, Columbia High School; and Christian Rodriguez, a home-schooler.

SVEC trustee Jerry Goff presented scholarships to Branford High School’s Maura Hill and Rene Root.
Christian Rodriguez, a home-schooler, was awarded a scholarship from SVEC.
SVEC CFO Christine Moor presented a scholarship to Columbia High School’s Callahan Register.

SVEC trustees Mike Adams and Hugh Hunter presented scholarships to Hamilton High School’s Logan Hughes and Oriana Urzua-Tlapa.
SVEC trustee Tyler Putnal presented scholarships to Case Jackson and Gabrielle Perry of Lafayette High School.
SVEC trustee Sam Roberson presenteda scholarship to Daniel Hendrick of Suwannee High School.