Florida Electric Cooperatives Prepare for Hurricane Michael

Electric cooperatives are finalizing preparations and enacting emergency plans ahead of Hurricane Michael's landfall.

"As Hurricane Michael strengthens and threatens Florida, the state’s electric cooperatives are prepared for a strong storm with anticipated power outages," said Mike Bjorklund, general manager of the Florida Electric Cooperatives Association. "As always, the safety of co-op employees and members is our first priority. We are working with restoration personnel from Florida and neighboring states to coordinate a comprehensive power restoration process.  These additional crews and resources will be essential as Florida's electric co-ops work to restore power once the storm dissipates."

“We are very fortunate to have the help of our state association,” said Suwannee Valley Electric Cooperative CEO Michael McWaters. “They provide the invaluable service of obtaining aid from other electric cooperatives and directing it to where it is needed most.”

Once the storm passes, impacted Florida co-ops will conduct damage assessments, while implementing power restoration plans.

Power restoration typically follows these repair steps, depending on the extent of the damage:

  1. Transmission Line Repairs. These supply power to one or more substations.
  2. Substation Repairs. A substation serves thousands of homes and businesses.
  3. Main Distribution Line Repairs. Each line serves a portion of members from each substation.
  4. Tap Line Repair. These serve smaller groups of members from the main distribution lines.
  5. Individual Services Repair. These lines serve individual homes and buildings.

Florida's 15 electric cooperatives provide power to nearly 2 million Floridians across 53 counties from the Florida Keys to the panhandle.

About the Florida Electric Cooperatives Association

The Florida Electric Cooperatives Association, Inc. is a not-for-profit, statewide trade association representing Florida's 15 electric distribution cooperatives and two generation and transmission cooperatives.